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We believe it’s time to disrupt the workplace ‘norm’ by bringing a fresh and sophisticated office environment to Auckland – designed, styled and set to go. These beautiful commercial spaces offer great benefits over traditional office leases, saving you time and keeping your focus on the business you do best.

At 1 Albert St we’re not about co-working or serviced offices – we provide stunningly designed secure office suites to small to medium businesses who want to focus on their business, not spend 6 months designing, building and funding their workspace.

The workspaces we create save you up to 30% over a normal term office lease, because we make it simple. As a small business, you can move straight in:

  • No delay or distraction with design or permitting
  • No builders, no need to choose finishes, furniture brands etc
  • You get a designed space with no time distractions – and your balance sheet benefits

Our aim is to deliver a more efficient work place that offers adaptable, beautifully curated workspaces to inspire teams and make an impression on clients, while delivering real value through shared meeting rooms, function areas, and office extras, that distinctly reduce the cost compared to standard tenancies.